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Our Hands-on Coding Blocks are a physical manipulative that allow you to easily introduce to students computer science concepts to students.  They are aligned to's Computer Science Fundamentals unplugged lessons. Also check out our lessons below, which will help you to extend your experience with our Hands-On Coding Blocks.


Research shows that movement is an essential component of learning. Through Hands-on Coding, students not only experience the power of learning with their hands, but they also reap the powerful effects of integrating movement into learning computer science.   An example of this would be creating an algorithm for a dance party, or a game of Simon-Says, and then acting them out!  What are you waiting for? 

Get up, get coding, get moving!

How are you using your Hands-On Coding Blocks?


We are looking to highlight educators and students who are using our blocks in creative and innovative ways, so that others can learn from you too!  

Please tag us on social media at @handsoncoding, using the hashtag, #handsoncoding! 


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